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Birds, Booze, and Buds Podcast

Jan 27, 2023

Two brothers from small town North Dakota sat down one day and said "Lets build a better duck call" and this is their story. 

We have been trying to get together to do a podcast for a few months now but hunting season makes it hard for me to concentrate. So, we decided to wait until after season. 

Hope you guys...

Jul 21, 2022

Connor and I chat about all things waterfowl hunting. From Michigan to Alaska and everywhere in between. 

Connor is a hardcore Michigan based guide. He spend many days each year chasing Honkers, Mallards, Turkeys, and all other manners of fowl!

Apr 20, 2022

Lee is one of the owners of Boss Shotshells and a hell of guy. We have spent countless hours on the phone over the last few years chatting about everything under the sun. 

When I sent him the video of the flying turkey that I shot a few weeks ago he asked if he could post it on their Instagram feed to start a...

Feb 2, 2022

U.B. and I chat about a ton of different topics from Goshawks to Chukar hunting. Also I talk about the bad decisions I made that almost got me into a very dangerous situation.

Jan 3, 2022

Chris is one of my TV icons! He has been a main stay on outdoors television for over 20 years. We chat about bird hunting all over the world as well as chasing dangerous game. This one isnt to be missed!