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Birds, Booze, and Buds Podcast

Jun 26, 2018

For a few years now ive been acutely aware of the upland hunting opportunities in Idaho. It is one of the few states that im truly jealous of the types of birds, the numbers of birds, and the public lands to hunt them on. After talking to Trevor I am slightly more jealous. We have discussed many times how crazy chucker...

Jun 20, 2018

I put out the call looking for a couple of bird hunters from Idaho and boy did I find some! Sean is a fireman, upland bird hunter, helping start a new NAVHDA chapter in eastern Idaho and breeds some very nice Pointing Griffons. Its great to hear from top breeders or any breed and Sean is certainly that.

Jun 16, 2018

We go from Quail hunting to rabbit hunting to duck hunting and everything in between. To say that this episode covers ost aspects of small game hunting and the country in which to find them in Arizona would be accurate. I cant wait to get down there again this January and stock up an Rabbit backstraps....may even get...

Jun 7, 2018

If Steve Geller didn't go hunting with me 15 years ago there is zero chance that you folks would be listening to this podcast. Steve's history with dogs trials does back to the 1970's. He has had some great setters and pointers over the years and is just an interesting guy. I'm very thankful that we finally got together...

Jun 1, 2018

What a conversation! We chat about American field trials, Vizslas, chucker hunting, dog training and everything in between! A Huge thanks to Jake Nyenhuis for suggesting him as a guest.