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Birds, Booze, and Buds Podcast

Jun 25, 2020

Ashur and I talk all about the comeback of silhouette decoys, How the company got started, and even touch on his time in MLB! Also as a side note they also have a podcast that is lots of fun called the Dive Bomb Squadcast check it out!

Jun 19, 2020

Ive been getting questions about the hatch now for weeks. I figured I would get some answers for everyone from a guy that knows what he talking about!

Jun 9, 2020

I first heard Diane on Meateater talking about wolves over a year ago ( episode 166: Hunting with your teeth) and when she said she loves to hunt upland birds I knew I needed to get her on the show.

Jun 3, 2020

It was time for our yearly check in and Bull-shit session with Ed. Ed is a scientist with TRCP and one of the smartest guys I know.