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Birds, Booze, and Buds Podcast

Aug 26, 2021

We cover some very important info in this podcast! check out for more information but we talk about copper storage disease in dogs and much much more!

Aug 22, 2021

The long wait to hunting season is almost over finally! Josh made the long drive up from Tennessee to come run dogs for a week. He got here during the hottest stretch of the summer but was here for the start of fall also. from 104 to 54 in 5 days....Gotta Love North Dakota!

Aug 16, 2021

I cant believe I haven't had Sabin on until now! The passion he has for hunting and filming his hunts is very evident when you here hear this podcast. 

We chat about his new idea called the Upland Open as well as a bunch of talking about minnesota Prairie Chicken hunting. 

Aug 13, 2021

keeping with the extra gear podcasts for the last month before season starts. Pointer traditions makes some great gear for both us and our dogs! check them out! Listen to the end of the podcast for a discount code!

Aug 9, 2021

This is one of my favorite episodes Ive ever done. Travis is the host of the Flush TV show and has become a great friend. His stories of his little puppy from last season to where she is now is a story everyone needs to hear.