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Birds, Booze, and Buds Podcast

Feb 25, 2018

  Well this one went way way too long, but it was very fun. We just kept on thinking of more things to chat about....and as the scotch got deeper the more we found out we knew. 

Feb 19, 2018

Some amazing, funny, and surprisingly true stories family stories with my second cousin Al Webster and his wife Mo. This one was fun! some stories that i never heard before from my relatives that I hadn't met until this year. 

Feb 4, 2018

Clark, Matt " The Beard of Knowledge" Schmidt Hatchet Mike, and Zack " rookie" Hazuka  sat down on superbowl sunday to record a podcast to honor our old bird dogs...some that our still here, some that are gone, and one that will only be here until tomorrow. Tomorrow at 2:30 Ace will be gone.