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Birds, Booze, and Buds Podcast

Oct 31, 2019

This week has been absolutely crazy! From the orphan cat that is now a podcast mascot to some frozen pipes to chasing roosters and huns. Happy Halloween Folks!

Oct 23, 2019

After 4 days of very hard hunting with a bunch of very cool people at the B3 Jamboree I cornered a few of the guys for a podcast. We shared some laughs and told some stories about our week.

Oct 16, 2019

The first installment of my B3 Jamboree Series. Randy and Daniel have hunted all kinds of species all over the country and I'm glad to say that they came up here and I got to spend a very memorable day in the field with them.

Oct 3, 2019

Huns are a very misunderstood bird. 90% of them that are shot each year in North Dakota are shot as a bird of opportunity. Hopefully you folks will be able to find a few take aways from this podcast to help you target them a little better.